Music Production Tutorials

Building Future Proof Home Studio Setup 2022

Contains all the necessary information to help you build your own dream recording studio.

Mixing & Mastering Videos

There will be different approaches to mixing and mastering different types of projects. Also, several paths to get to a single destination or you sometimes you might be happy with a just a similar destination. Hence here is a compilation of different mixing and mastering videos.

Making A Rap Song - Start To Finish

A new season of complete beat making, recording and mixing mastering a rap song

Pitch Correction Videos

Everything and every software that you need to know about pitch correcting in different DAW’s

Making Radio-TV Adverts

Let’s learn how to make music for commercials. Music that makes you money 😀

Punjabi Cover Song | Logic Stock Plugins | Start To End Full Episodes

Making a punjabi cover song from start to finish using Logic Pro X stock plugins only.

Fast Music Production Approach Videos

I believe that scaler 2 is a revolution in the music production field. It is equally beneficial for beginners to pros in the music production game. Anyone can start making amazing songs without learning music theory and just learning how to use scaler. It is simple to learn as well.

Release Your Songs On All Platforms

Read the full story and check out the videos on how to easily release your songs and make money out of doing so as well.

Home Recording Setup

Let’s explore what you really need to start making amazing music or record your voice.

Making music with stock plugins | Logic pro x | Hindi

New series having 3 episodes with a ton of information.

Music production approach | vocal processing | playing with stock plugins to make amazing sounds | pitch correction | story of alchemy | sampling | and a lot more…

Making An International Level Sounding Indie Pop Song/Track

Whatever maybe your skill level at music production, I guarantee there will be huge takeaways from this series. The videos are long, live and uncut, hence you get to know even the tiniest of the details. And you can always set the youtube playback speed to double whenever needed.

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