Making Music With Stock Plugins | Logic Pro X

If you have been looking for different masterclasses, you are definitely at the right place. You get these masterclasses and that too for absolutely free. There are 3 videos in this series.

3 episodes with a ton of information.
1. music production approach
2. vocal processing
3. playing with stock plugins to make amazing sounds
4. pitch correction
5. story of alchemy
6. sampling
7. and a lot more…
Ep1 – 9 jan 2021
Ep2 – 16 jan 2021
Ep3 – 23 jan 2021

EP 1

EP 2

EP 3

I recommend that you also download the project file to follow along. You will also be able to use that as template for various purposes. Like vocal processing, pads, beats e.t.c…

You should definitely check out this series afterwards. That way you will be able understand the final mixing and mastering process as well. I highly recommend downloading the project for that as well to follow along. You get everything click the link below or on the poster.

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