Punjabi Cover Song | Logic Stock Plugins | Start To End

Making a punjabi cover song from start to finish using Logic Pro X stock plugins only.

When you start watching the EP1, you will see how it was mixed and mastered using only logic pro x stock plugins with that karaoke. You can listen to that mix as well here. ➡️

Also, if you are interested, you can download that logic pro x session to explore more yourself.

mixed with karaoke

After the entire season is complete you will get the final mix master as well session files here only.

This is what we have been able to come up with these 8 episodes. The only thing that is missing from these episodes is the time Abbi took to record his vocals, coz he did it all by himself but there are plenty of vocal dubbing technique videos on my channel and I will link an article containing these videos here soon.

EP 1

EP 2

EP 3

EP 4

EP 5

EP 6

EP 7

EP 8

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