Kitni Haseen Zindagi | Making An Indie Pop Cover Song | Lucky Ali

So, many of you would have grown listening to amazing tunes from Lucky Ali like me. Many new kids might now have heard of these songs songs (possible?)

Anyways the point is to give remember the legend who inspired me any many others into music and time to give him some tribute. So, I will link below the version that I made and the full elaborated no steps skipped videos of how I made this track. Enjoy!

Below are the videos in making this track

The best part is you get to know each and every detail on how the elements were chosen and programmed and how the dubbing of vocals was done and the approach to mix and master the project for it to sound radio-ready. The worst part is these videos are long and hence you will have to spend a huge time while watching the entire series and grasping so many intricate details in one go can also be tough. So, keep your notes close to you.

Here is the download link to the entire logic session:


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