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So, let’s start by what will you need for doing specific purposes. I am a music producer, so, it can be easy for me to forget about the people who have simple recording needs. But today we will tackle most of the used cases.

Here is a snap from my current setup, which can be a very basic setup for some and a bit overkill for some. It depends 😊

Basic Components

  1. Computer

It is the most crucial part as well as everyone has one these days. You can choose windows or mac or even Linux. These days the mobile devices are very powerful as well, but it is always easier and less clumpsier to work on a desktop-grade machine.

I recommend a M1 series Macbook-pro

2. DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation)

You will any DAW, like garageband, logic pro x, cubase, nuendo, protools, ableton, flstudio, cakewalk, etc to record and edit you vocals and music

My favourite DAW: Logic Pro X

3. Audio Interface

Some times also called a sound card. You will need one for sure, which will help you capture various analogue sources and convert it to digital. This is the signal that is shown in you DAW and you process that in your daw and then again listen to the analogue signal coming out of your speakers.

This audio interface connects to your pc via USB or thunderbolt usually. It has got all the necessary inputs and outputs to connect microphones, guitars, keyboards, your headphones and speakers. It has also got the mic preamps which will provide appropriate power/gain to your input mic and instruments as well as your speakers and headphones.

My favourite Interface: Audient ID 14

4. Microphones

In order for you to capture your vocals or any acoustic instruments, you will indeed need 1 mic.

We can broadly categorise them into Dynamic and Condenser mics, (though there are others available as well like ribbon and hybrids etc)

It is often misunderstood that a condenser mic is better than a dynamic one. They have different characteristics but are equally fantastic.

5. Midi Keyboard

Midi Controllers are very crucial if you are planning to make music. If we talk about controllers there are various types of keys to pads to automation controllers and it can real confusing real soon. But to start with I would just recommend getting a decent midi keyboard and if you are about to get the 1st keys and you also plan to practice a few playing skills, which BTW you surely should, I would recommend getting a 49 keys version. Later you can get some 25 keys for travel purposes or a bigger one with hammer action keys and aftertouch for a grand studio experience. But 49 keys is amazing for everyone and you can make any kind of beats using it.

I love Native instruments a49

6. Headphones

Having a nice pair of headphones is crucial for music production as well as dubbing and mixing as it will help you reduce your guesswork and guide you if something really sounding nice or not. 

After using several headphones for more than a decade, currently, my favourites are Audiotechina m50X.

7. Studio Monitors

When you start making music for a living and you work for long hours, you won’t be able to avoid to take into consideration having a good pair of studio monitors.

It will help ear fatigue less

I have been using and recommending a few. Budget-friendly options would be KRK Rokit 5 g3 and Yamaha HS 5

If you have a bit more budget, get one of the best in business Adam A7x. 

Some Fancy Controllers

Let’s talk about some options, not very crucial nor mandatory cool vibe things, that you can later add to your rig.

Pad Controllers

Can add a nice touch to your rhythm programming division. Trust me I have some and 99.99% of times I don’t use any of them. 


Though I love my Native instruments maschine mk3 mini

A Roli Device

Can be used for some projects when you are feeling a bit more creative and wanna travel that extra mile 😁

Now I have some extra cash lying around and I also want to look C00ler, I want people to believe that I am a terrific producer, the best in class 🤣

I will get some fader controllers. Jokes apart, these are seriously not for beginners and it is possible to make #grammywinning music without having one if you become a pro at your art. Just keep that in mind.

🤫I have been using logic remote on my iPad air 2

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