Future Proof Home Recording Studio 2022

There can be lots of confusion when it come to making a home studio or upgrading your already existing setup. Hence, I am providing you with a collection of resources and videos to help you in this journey.

Curtain Acoustic

This surely is the cheap and best way to get your home studio treated acoustically so that you can get great results while making and mixing music.

I do understand that for new people trying to buy a computer and especially mac, there can be lots of confusion, hence here is an Apple computer buying guide.

If you are really interested in testing your new setup, you can download a few free or paid karaokes and DAW projects from this page. Yes, it helps both of us. Thanks and lots of love.

Windows computers are not cheap anymore when compared with M1 macs, but for those of you who are still interested in windows, let’s take a dive into possible best options.

I made a whole lot of home studio videos in the past as well and they can still provide you some value for sure.

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