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So, until now I have done a few mashup songs. You can check them out here as well as I am planning to make a breakdown of all of these projects. You will also find the project and stem files download links here.

This one was indeed the 1st one that I did and everyone loved it very much from the audio to the video production.

This is a weird one… Coz, this is a compilation of many small cover songs that I started to do for my old Instagram account. Last year I lost that account and made a new one. Please do follow me here, your love and support mean a lot.

This one indeed has a fantastic story behind it. I think I will better narrate the story when I make the breakdown video of its music production process.

This was a cool collaboration as well. While doing the video, I gave Shreya a little crash course of 5 mins on how to run the gimble and camera and she picked it up immediately. Hence, I shot her and she took my shots and ended up having a fantastic video.

Now we are good friends but 1st time  Nisa reached out to me over Instagram. She liked my youtube tutorials as she said, I said I love your voice. So, let’s do a fun collab maybe, Indo-Hindi mashup song. “Kya mujhe pyar hai” is originally an Indonesian song, Did you kow that?

This my latest unplugged mashup song made possible in collaboration with Ujam Instruments

And yes, we have a breakdown video for this one and you can also download the stem files.

Breakdown Videos

Check out the breakdown video and to get the project file click the button

Hold on... Many more dropping soon...

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