Mere Sanam

Note: Webpage is not public and for team use only, not to be shared with anyone else

Here is a look a how the session looks…

Download the reference and the minus tracks. We are working in 48Khz and 24 bits. Please set up your DAW to record in 48khz and 24 bits as well. 

The session is at 92 bmp and the scale is A minor.

It will be great if we can record some options for vocals as well. Some DT where ever required and some harmonies as well if you can. If you have any problems feel free to text me back on my number and we can also setup a zoom call later, if required, to help you out do extra vocal parts and harmonies.

Rest, I am totally loving the texture of your voice. I believe we can create something rocking and outstanding for sure. I know it takes a bit more effort but I think it is worth it in the end.

Hope to hear from you soon and here is my email to shoot back the required files

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